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Tasker B2 "Little Giant" Steam Tractor

On behalf of the owners, we are privileged to offer to the market Tasker 1741. One of only 7 surviving B2 Chain drive tractors this lovely engine is has been in the same custodianship for over 20 years and is now ready for a new owner to enjoy and make their own.

Built in 1917 The Tasker left the works as genuine 3 speed tractor destined for timber work, as such she was fitted with the usual Timber accessories such as a flywheel brake to ensure careful control when loading logs using the winch. She was originally sold to Albert Aylett of East Dean, Sussex and returned to Taskers before being sold on again in 1927 to Frank Grover of Amersham. The engine returned to Taskers however this time to the Taskers museum before being sold at auction to J Hadwick in 1969, the engine was rallied by Hardwicks and was the last engine to leave the Ewell Yard when purchased by the present owner Barry Tidbury in 1998. The engine has been cared for by Barry since but was primarily enjoyed at local events and smaller rallies as such a quick google search brings up no pictures of the engine.

Boiler wise the engine has been independently tested by a well-respected inspector for many years, she underwent a full 10 year inspection and hydraulic in June 2021 and is reported to be in sound condition. Water feed is by two reliable steam injectors.

Its fair to say on the road the Tasker is a very impressive machine, the chain drive makes for a quiet engine and being fully sprung gives a comfortable ride. As would be expected from a 3-speed tractor she gets along well with 10-12mph being a comfortable average. The engine is easy to get along with both generally driving and with regards to boiler management, she runs at 180psi and is free steaming. The firebox is quite large for a tractor of this size so means you are never fighting to make steam and the well-fitting damper means the fire is controllable to prevent unnecessary lifting of the safeties. As you will notice from the pictures, like other Taskers she has large bore cylinders as such is an impressively powerful engine for it size, very rarely requiring a change of gear on hills even with a living van and water cart in tow.

The engine is perfectly presentable as she stands however it would be fair to say there is scope for the new owner to make their own with finishing the paintwork to the full Tasker colours. Generally, the motion is in good tight condition with little wear in the pins and bearings however in the not-too-distant future the trunk guides and crossheads will want some work, this work is not immediately required and the engine would quite happily do a year or two steaming and roading to events all be it with a slight knock from them at certain speeds.

Overall the Tasker is a very honest engine which has provided the owner many years of enjoyment and is bound to do the same for future custodians. The engine has been rarely seen at events so will make a welcome addition to any rally line up and in her current condition gives the new owner the scope to make it their own without the need for a major overhaul or extensive works.

For genuinely interested parties copies of the boiler reports are available, viewings are welcomed at our premises in Suffolk. As always, we are pleased to help with part exchanges where possible and finance can also be arranged through our specialist partners.

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