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As lifelong enthusiasts, steam and vintage vehicles run very much in the blood… here’s a little about us & our company.



With over 3800 steam engines, an estimated 10,000 miniatures and countless heritage vehicles of all types and sizes UK-wide; there are plenty being sold on a daily basis. Legacy vehicles Ltd has been set up to offer a unique, dedicated and most importantly honest sales service for both sellers and buyers.

The concept of Legacy Vehicles Ltd. was born from our own experiences with buying our very own steam engine. We were frustrated with using outdated methods to search for and find the right engine for us. We searched far and wide, and although there are plenty of listings scattered around forums and small free ads within magazines, the listings lacked the details that we really wanted to see, lacked the quantity and quality of decent photographs, and sometimes were misleading in their descriptions. We wanted an online website which we could search for and find good quality, clear and transparent listings for steam engines, very much like in the way you would search for a new or used car. This lead to the concept of Legacy Vehicles being born.

Legacy Vehicles Ltd’s ethos is to make sure buyers and sellers are told with honesty what they need to hear, rather than what they want to hear in order for a successful sale. This ultimately has the best long term results for both parties, to ensure both sellers and buyers alike will be happy with the final sale. 

Tom Allen

Growing up, I was always involved with steam & vintage vehicles. At various points I have exhibited all over the rally field, including tractors, classic cars, miniature steam engines, full size steam and stationary engines. 
My work career started as an installation and repair engineer and found myself gravitating off the tools and into a technical sales positions, eventually working for the UKs largest manufacturer of engineering consumables as the Sales Manager. Consequently, I have many years of expertise in sales and marketing, particularly with modernising marketing approaches using the internet and social media.

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