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Stanley Model R Steam Car

Without doubt one of the most beautiful vehicles we have had the privilege of bringing to the market is this stunning 1909 Stanley Model Type R

The Model R was one of 5 models in the 1909 Stanley catalog with an original list price of $1440.00 with the optional convertible top. Powered by a 20HP twin cylinder engine the car is capable of cruising at 40mph making it a safe vehicle for use on most modern roads.

Built by the late Steve Baldock of Steam Traction World and 4” Hornsby Chain Track fame the car is one of a pair he was commissioned to produce from the ground up using a number of original parts from the Stanley Motor museum. Steve was a highly respected engineer and build quality of this vehicle is second to none with no expense spared.

Completed in 2015 the new owner is in effect buying a 6-year-old Stanley Steam car that has been built retaining as much of the original design as possible, even the horsehair fillings used for the seats is the same as what would have been used in 1909.

The car was a regular participant of several official steam car tours and welcomed by owners’ groups in the UK and `across the world including known trips to Germany and America.

The boiler was supplied new in 2010 and commissioned for service in 2015, it is a superheated unit running at 600psi. Water is fed by two mechanically driven water pumps. The burner pilot light is propane fueled with a piezo igniter, this is widely accepted practice in the steam car fraternity due to its much-improved safety and ease of use over the original Hexane and blowtorch system. The car will be steam tested by an independent boiler inspector prior to sale.

This is a truly exceptional steam vehicle which we are confident will give the new owner years of trouble-free motoring with the car requiring little more than routine maintenance.

Where possible we would be pleased to help with part exchanges of all steam and vintage vehicles. Delivery and export can also be arranged.

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