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Marlin Berlinetta

Up for sale is our own Marlin Berlinetta, a brilliant little car which offers lots of fun and enjoyment. Wherever it goes it gets lots of interest and admiring glances, often I have come out the shops to find people taking pictures of it.

Although a kit car it was factory-built and has the feel of being properly put together. Finish is generally to a higher standard than homebuilt cars and one of the biggest benefits is the professional installed wiring system. The running gear is 1980s Ford Sierra so parts are readily available and cheap. The 2.0 Fiat twin cam engine is an absolute beauty and suits the car perfectly, pottering around town or cruising it has plenty of low down torque but get it on a country lane and plant your foot (with due care and attention of course) it roars into life to get the car shifting and revs freely.

Everything on the car works with all gauges reading accurately, the clock can’t keep time but that is the only thing I can think of that doesn’t work as it should. The car has just been MOT’d so is ready to enjoy.

The body work polishes up nicely and the car looks lovely sat out in the sun, being 25 years old up close there are some areas which are not perfect with a few scratches and chips but nothing that detracts from the overall look of the car. The rear bumper could do with re-chroming and personally I would change some of the bolts which have gone rusty on the exterior fittings but all little jobs that can be done as and when and is part of the enjoyment of owning and tinkering with such a car.

I have been using this car daily and covered over 500 miles in it, it has been extremely reliable and great fun to drive. I am sad to see it go as bought it for our own use rather than to sell on but it was a heart over head purchase and will have limited use this year and by next year my son will be too big to fit in the back seats!

Please note the car will be purchased from us personally but with all the back up and security of buying from the company.

Nationwide delivery and contact-free handovers and viewings available.

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