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Maffei Steam Roller Project

On behalf of the owner we are pleased to offer for sale this interesting and rare Maffei road roller made. Although of German origin the roller has similar lines and style of a British built engine.

The compound cylinder arrangement is very similar to Fowlers with overhead slide valves and Stephensons valve gear and double high/starting button. The 2 speed drive train is a 4 shaft arrangement and has a differential fitted.

In the 1950’s it had extensive boiler repairs carried out. This was a whole new rear section of the boiler (all welded) and welded to the original boiler barrel and front tubeplate. The works was undertaken by company Buss A.G. Basel and full details with drawings of the repairs along with original build sheets for the engine are included to satisfy the boiler inspector. The boiler barrel and tubeplate are now in need of replacement.

The engine is currently stripped for overhaul and resides at Statfold Barn Engineering who have kindly supplied the following extensive list of works that have been completed and are further required.

• Safety Valves have been fully overhauled & await setting & spacer washers made to suit (as per Aveling design)
• The cylinder head has been machined on the sealing faces due to pitting
• New regulator rod made, regulator face skimmed and puck surface ground
• Need a new whistle & starting valve manifold due to frost damage
• Rear covers have been re-machined for neck rings on the piston rods & slide bar mounting bosses have been machined equal about the piston rod centre line
• Guide bars have been re-machined
• 1 complete piston rod gland & material is there to make finish off the 2nd Gland
• Valve Rods have been turned & polished with new valve rod glands. The glands just need the oil pockets milling in for wick feeds as per originals
• 2 new valve rod ends have been machined & await case hardening & grinding to size
• The Valve Gear components have been mostly re-bushed and the material is there to complete the Rest.
• All the valve gear parts have been re-machined so that all the centres are the same
• The Little End Bearings on the Connecting Rods have been machined to suit the new pin diameter when ground
• Cross Heads have been re-machined on the little end pins & piston rod taper as these were worn.
• Little End Pins have been machined but await case hardening & grinding
• Piston Rod material is cut up & ready to machine
• Pistons have been checked & are Ok To re-use. Just need new piston rings to suit cylinder bores
• Cylinder bores are in very good condition. We feel all they need is a hone out & new piston rings to suit.
• The 2nd Shaft has been turned down To make round again
• The 2nd Shaft Gear Cluster has been bored out for new bushes – Material is there for these bushes (Bronze)
• The 3rd Shaft had to be cut When stripping. Material is there for this to be made
• 3rd Shaft Gears have been bored out
• The 3rd Shaft Bearings were going to get bored out & the new shaft made to suit.
• The Back Axle needed replacing so that has been rough machined & awaits to be finish machined
• The Axle boxes have been bored out in the bearing to clean up
• Brake/Drive boss has had the bore re-turned. This needs the key ways squaring up due to wear
• Spacer ring that fits in the brake/drive boss bore has been turned & awaits milling for the keyways when they have been sorted
• The diff spider has been repaired for cracks around the centre boss & has had the pinion gear hole re-bored for new pins
• Its in need of new pinion gears – 1 has a tooth missing & other teeth are cracked
• Needs both diff crown gears replacing due to excessive cracking around drive pin holes & teeth
• New bush material is there for the centre bush on the spider & floating crown gear (both cored bronze)
• Wheel bearings need re-machining or re-bushing as they are badly tapered (bronze bearings fitted)
• The crank has had a light polish but really needs to be ground due to heavy water damage on some journal surfaces
• Eccentrics are in good condition. – 3 Eccentric Straps have been cleaned & fitted – 1 Still needs to be finished as it needed new Brass Spacer Washers Making to Set Clearances. The motion pin bushed haven’t had anything done so they need checking, Again material is there to replace if needed.
• New motion pin material is there for new pins.
• Expansion Links & Die Blocks are in good condition.
• Water Feed Pump Casting needs replacing due to frost damage
• Needs Brake Gear manufacturing
• Tender is 90% done. Just needs final fitting to boiler. All parts there to Complete
• Front Rolls & Fork, Belly Tanks & Steering Scroll have not been stripped
• There is a comprehensive folder of pictures that were taken during stripping & before stripping

It is very rare when buying any steam engine, whether it be a restoration project or working engine, to have such a comprehensive list of the works that has been completed or required. Being stripped by a professional company the new owner can be confident in the information provided and that parts haven’t gone missing as is often the case with private rebuilds. Should the new owner wish to do so Statfold Barn Engineering are happy to continue with the restoration.

The roller is currently “flatpacked” in a shipping container which is also included in the sale for ease of transport.

For any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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