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Lykamobile Steam Car with trailer

We are pleased to have in this very well put together and sorted Lykamobile steam car, I think the word "fun" best sums up these brilliant little machines as they put a smile on everyone’s face who goes for a ride. Compared to other steam engines the whole experience is a rather elegant and hassle-free affair, for testing we somewhat unexpectedly took the car to a friend’s house and after Sunday lunch fired her up (10 mins from cold) and spent a few enjoyable hours pottering around the fields and local roads where she performed brilliantly.

Although one of the original batch of Modelworks (then Steam Traction World) cars it remained a kit of parts until being completed by the current owners in 2012. Since completion it has not seen much use so the car runs and drives very nicely and should provide the new owner years of enjoyment before any major work is required.

The twin cylinder engine has the upgrades as developed by Steam Traction World after their epic Lands End to John o Groats run along with an additional lubrication system which has been designed and installed by the owner. The original burner and electronic control systems have also been replaced with upgraded and considerably more reliable units than the originals.

The electronically controlled burner for the boiler makes the whole driving experience very simple and with minimal instruction people can quickly and safely be enjoying the car. Water feed is through a manual hand pump and crank driven water pump operated by a bypass valve. The engine is permanently engaged to the rear driving axle via a chain and modern disc brakes are fitted all round.

For the new owners’ complete peace of mind, the car will be both hydraulic and steam tested by an independent boiler inspector before sale. Included is a purpose-built road trailer for transport, loading/unloading takes no more than 5 minutes and it is also fitted with a winch and a large box for storing spare fuel and oil etc. As always full tuition is also included in the sale.

We are happy to consider all steam and vintage vehicles part exchange. Finance, nationwide delivery and export can also be arranged if required.

For any questions or more information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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