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Burrell SCC Aberdeenshire

We are pleased to offer for sale this nicely built 2” Fowler BB1 ploughing engine. Due to the complexity of the design ploughing engines in any scale are rarely modelled. This one is based on the John Haining/Colin Tyler design as serialized in the Model Engineering Magazine many moons ago.

As you would expect from a ploughing engine she comes out a big model, in fact apart from the Fowler Superba we cant think of anything bigger in this scale. It has all the characteristics of a full size engine with the ringing gears and rumble when on the road. The band around the left wheel can quickly be removed and was only there to offer a bit of grip on previous owners’ driveway.

Length 45 inches
Width 18 inches
Height 25 inches

The copper boiler is water fed by a crankshaft driven pump and steam injector, our independent boiler inspector has given it a clean bill of health with a fresh hydraulic and steam test. The boiler is surrounded by an outer steel shell which all the winding gear is bolted to, this means you can use the winding drum without risk of damaging the boiler.

The paintwork in some areas has worn thin however we personally like the overall effect as she looks like a proper working ploughing engine.

The engine comes with a full set of firing irons, 12v blower, bag of coal and oil. There is the start of a driving trolley which once finished will look like a living van. Due to the current situation, we have included delivery to UK mainland in the price via a pallet delivery company. Transport further afield can be arranged if required.

As always, we are happy to consider all steam and vintage vehicles part exchange.

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