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Aveling and Porter H-Type

We are pleased to offer for sale this lovely and very original Aveling roller. Aveling 11702 offers the new owner the exciting opportunity to restore an extremely rare engine without the hassle of extensive boiler work.

The H-Type is classed as a 12 ton compound piston valve roller, as is typical with nominal weights she is a fair bit heavier and we expect once filled with water and coal to be closer to 15 tons, she is a big lump! The H-Type was produced in much lower numbers than the smaller piston valve sizes as such she is one of only 4 surviving examples in the world with another in the UK, one in Switzerland and one in Australia.

11702 was supplied new in 1927 to an Aveling and Porter Dealer in Denmark and is a highly original example. We found her at a machinery dealer in the country who originally took her part exchange in the 1960s against a modern diesel roller. The story goes the driver steamed her off the trailer and while the diesel roller was being loaded up he prepared the engine for storage. Apart from a cosmetic paintjob the dealers did nothing else to her and she was parked in the shed until we purchased her last year.

The motion work etc has all been painted over which has done a great job protecting everything, from what we can tell she has been well looked after and not had too hard a life judging by the gears etc. The engine is complete except for the ashpan and firebars which have got lost in the midst of time. The tender is solid and will need no more than decent coat of paint.

The boiler has been inspected by Dave Wothers and overall, she is in very good condition with the only work required being 40 side stays replacing, top hat bush for fusible plug and a set of tubes. The firebox is generally 9-10mm with the thinnest reading on the crown being 8.3mm. The throat plate looks to have been replaced not long before she was pulled out of service. If looked after she should give another 20-30 years’ of enjoyment before any extensive work is required. We are happy to provide a copy of the boiler report to any genuinely interested parties or you are welcome to have your own inspector visit.

The engine does require full strip down and restoration but once done will be a magnificent bit of kit. We had intended on keeping her however after only being able to spend 1 day working on her in the last 8 months realise its going to be a fair time before we get the chance to really get on with it. Rather than having her sat in the yard for another few years we would prefer see her getting done and out being enjoyed.

For further details please do not hesitate to get in touch, we would be happy to consider all steam and vintage vehicles in part exchange especially a 6" Foden.

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