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Austin 12/7 Heavy

We are pleased to offer for sale this charming Austin 12 Heavy which is the oldest 2/4 seater car to survive and sits on the 3rd oldest known chassis of its type. Being built in January 1923 the car was at the forefront of Austin's mass production programme of 7, 12, & 20hp models of the 1920s. It has all the early features of the H12/4 including beaded edge tyres, 12 spoke wooden wheels, all nickel fittings, 2 wheel (rear) brakes, narrow 4' track with the steering box outside the chassis which is a particularly rare.

The car is presented in excellent mechanical order having had much time and money spent on it with virtually all mechanical parts being overhauled in recent years including the engine, gearbox, magneto. water pump, brakes, dynamo and wheels. It drives very well and is a genuinely comfortable and useable pre-war car that you could happily spend hours behind the wheel of....unlike some cars of the era which you feel like you have been in a bouncy wrestling match with! The 1661cc 12.8hp engine gives the car a surprisingly good turn of speed and acceleration which up to about 40mph comfortably keeps up with modern traffic.

The coach built body was made by Mulliner of Bordesley Green, Birmingham, the design offers the style of the 2 seater with the benefit of the rear dickie seat which offers space for 2 extra adults to ride in comfort. . The last major bodywork was in the late 1970s when the car was fully repainted, it remains in good condition and has a lovely patina to the car as does the interior. The bodywork is straight with no rust however a couple of areas have been touched in and some edges have a few nicks, overall it is a handsome car which you are not scared to jump in and use. The only area of the car we could criticize is the main hood which although functional is looking tired in places, the side screens will go again with a bit of TLC.

Included in the sale is a box of bits including spare head light bulb and magneto/water pump drive coupler. Viewing and test drives are welcomed by genuinely interested parties. For further information or to arrange a viewing please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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