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6" Little Samson. ME Gold Medal Winne.

An exceptional engine which is one of the best if not the best example of its type, and its not just us who have this opinion with the engine winning a Gold Medal at the Midlands Model Engineering Exhibition on its completion in 2010.

The 6" Little Samson has proved a very popular design of model since its conception by esteemed engineer Edward George, they come out a large and powerful model but being based on a 5 ton tractor are a practical size for transport.

Dimensions (ish):
Height: 5'
Length: 7'
Width: 3'
Weight: 950kg (estimated)

Since completion the engine has been kept in excellent mechanical condition and on the most recent boiler test the examiner commented on just well it had been looked after. Although 14 years old it looks more like 4 years (if that) due to everything being completed to such a high standard when first built. Driving the engine is a delight with it being free steaming and effortlessly powerful.

Being one of the earlier engines it uses the same boiler as the 6" Garrett 4CD Tractor as such the safeties lift at 175psi, needless to say it is punchy yet even at this high pressure (most singles run at 125psi) it is still controllable and relatively gentle to use. It stormed up any hill we shown it even in top gear with power to spare.

It comes complete ready to rally with firing irons, extension chimney, driving seat, coal oil and a days tuition. Delivery, finance and part exchange are all possible so please contact us for details.

You may have guessed we are very impressed with the engine, for someone looking for a 6" Steam Tractor we guarantee you will struggle to find better and I cant think of better example of the 6" Little Samson design that we have seen.

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