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6" Garrett 4CD Showmans Tractor

We are pleased to offer for sale this splendid 6” Garrett 4CD Showmans engine. A popular engine in both full size and miniature the Garrett 4CD is an extremely capable and powerful steam tractor. We believe this is one of only 3 half size Garrett Showman’s versions to have been built.

A full set of pictures and videos will follow shortly. The engine is currently with us being prepared for its 10-year boiler inspection with hydraulic test before sale. The new owner will have the peace of mind that the engine has been fully inspected by an independent inspector.

Built by Adrian Nutting, the name now synonymous with 6” Garrett 4CDS, the build quality and standard of finish is quite simply first-rate. The high standard of build and meticulous maintenance since means it looks and runs like it’s a nicely settled in 2-year-old engine. Based on Garrett 33902 “Medina” we have been told she has several little features different to the standard drawings but true to the full-size engine.

The CE marked AJB boiler runs at 200 PSI which makes for lively yet very economical and powerful engine. Water feed is through a crankshaft driven pump and reliable steam injector. She steams freely and with a large boiler capacity is an easy engine to fire, an evening’s generating outside the beer tent is no hardship!

Being a steam tractor, the engine performs very well on the road and will trundle along happily at 10-12mph and being road registered is fully legal to do so. The belly tanks give an extended range requiring minimal water stops when on the rally field or out road running.

For more information please do not hesitate to get in touch, all full size and miniature steam engine part exchanges considered. Finance also available.

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