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6" Foden 6 Wheeler

With the summer season of road runs rather than rallies ahead of us we are pleased to offer for sale one of the best road machines out there.

We, like many others, really love half size Fodens. They tick a lot of boxes for the miniature engine owner as they do everything you could want. For families in particular they are a great option as not only are they safer than having children on a trailer, the kids feel more involved and part the experience actually sitting on the engine. Its no surprise then that the 6” Foden is one of the most popular, and dare I say it, common sights on the rally field but if you fancy something a bit different the 6 wheeler is a great option as we only know of 2 others out there.

Made by an experienced builder with several other quality engines to his name we have been really impressed by how well sorted this one is and how well it goes on the road. The double-high cylinder arrangement provides plenty of power and makes the engine very easy to drive. On the motion and drive train sealed-for-life roller and thrust bearings have been used in many places meaning the engine rolls freely and is easy to maintain.

The CE marked boiler runs at 200psi and is water fed through a crankshaft driven pump and one of the best steam injectors we have ever used on a miniature engine. The high working pressure means the engine is surprisingly efficient on coal and water and maintaining pressure does not prove a challenge like it does on some double-high Fodens we have driven previously. The engine has been previously tested by a model engineering club however if you prefer to have it inspected by an independent examiner we would be happy to arrange this and also conduct a new hydraulic test, please contact us to discuss the options available.

I must admit we are in no rush to sell this one, with no official events this year we quite fancy having it to play with and doing our own private road runs (when we can) however I am in doubt other people will have the same thoughts.

As with all our engines it will come with everything you need, a set of firing irons, few bags of coal, oil and a day’s tuition included.

We hope to commence in-steam viewings and tuition shortly once restrictions are lifted however should you wish to reserve the engine; we are happy to secure it with a refundable deposit. Alternatively, we can also arrange contact-free collections and deliveries if you wish to have it sooner and can take as many pictures as you would like and can also produce a dedicated tutorial video.

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