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6" Burrell Traction Engine

We are pleased to offer for sale this well made and very well sorted 6” Burrell Traction engine, the engine has recently undergone a general overhaul with the paintwork and lining refreshed in most places. There is something about driving a big single which brings a smile to any steam enthusiasts face and this Burrell is no exception, when steamed for the pictures and videos we have to admit the engine stayed in steam for much longer than necessary as we enjoyed driving it around the yard so much!

Built by the well respected engineer and builder of several large scale models Phil Ives, the engine is based on the well known Plastows design with the necessary changes to make it more accurate to the full size prototype. Based on the 6NHP Burrell she comes out a large yet manageable engine which can be comfortably driven solo or with 2 people at the controls on both the road and rallyfield.

The 140psi working pressure makes for a very powerful engine when required but being a single cylinder it runs happily on considerably lower pressures when just pottering around the rallyfield. Water feed is through a crankshaft driven pump and steam injector. The annual boiler test is now due and will be done in the coming weeks with an independent inspector so will come with a full years ticket for the new owner.

The engine is road registered and fitted with vulcanised rubber front tyres and bolt on rubber rears. The treaded rears although not very prototypical do offer the best of both worlds with a comfortable ride on the road and plenty of grip on a muddy rallyfield. As per the full size the engine is 2 speed, in bottom gear it feels like it could pull a house down and top gear is well geared for road work without being too much of a handful at a rally.

As shown in the pictures it comes with a large trailer which is believed to be an ex WW2 Bomb trailer, the trailer weighs over 500kg so please keep this in mind when considering transport arrangements. It has an underslung stainless steel water tank and the engine can be filled using the water lifter with a connection hose supplied. If this trailer is not suitable for your use we have another lighter weight one in stock which we would be happy to swap it for. To transport the engine and trailer together you need a minimum 16’ transport trailer.

Engine Dimensions
Length: 280cm (265 without seat)
Width: 100cm
Height: 153cm
Weight: 1500kg (est)

Trailer Dimensions
Length: 305cm
Width: 110cm
Height: 98cm
Bed Height: 68cm
Bed length: 225cm
Weight: 550kg.

Overall this a lovely engine and is ready to be enjoyed, although a large lump she is surprisingly gentle to drive and easy to steam. As with all our ready to rally engines, tuition is included in the sale and this will also include a road run for people to get comfortable with the engine. Also included is a full set of firing irons, extension chimney, coal, oil etc.

As always we are happy to consider all steam and vintage vehicles part exchange. For any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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