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6" Burrell T.E.

On behalf of the owners we are pleased to offer sale this very nicely made 6” Burrell Traction Engine. Built over a 7 year period by an experienced model engineer the engine was completed in 2017 and remains in fine fettle.

Drawings and castings for the build were supplied by EKP, the design is based on the earlier Burrell 6NHP similar to the well-known Plastows models available in smaller scales. The engine comes out a large yet manageable engine weighing around 1.5 tons.

The CE-Marked boiler was made by AJB Engineering and remains in virtually new condition, it has been inspected by a professional independent inspector. Water feed is through a crankshaft driven pump and steam injector. These large Burrells are always free-steaming engines and easy to manage on both the road and rally field.

Length: 2.5m (plus seat)
Height: 1.7m
Width: 1.2m
Weight: 1.5 Tons

Overall this a great engine which has seen minimal use since completion so should offer years of trouble free enjoyment. Where possible we would be pleased to help with part exchanges of all steam and vintage vehicles.

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