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5" Fowler Road Loco "Kitchener"

We are pleased to offer for sale this beautifully built and highly accurate 4” scale model of Fowler Road Locomotive 15657 “Kitchener”, now more commonly known as The Iron Maiden in Showmans form.

At a first glance anyone could be forgiven for assuming this engine is based on the Plastows drawings and castings however on closer inspection you see this engine has in fact been painstakingly built to accurate works drawings using the builder’s own patterns. The more you look at the engine the more you see, to give you an idea of the detail here are some of the things we noticed which are often omitted on other engines.
- Fowler style steam valve for injector
- Oil tray on the footplate
- Slight return on edge of the rear wheels
- Correct large opening mudhole door
- 3rd shaft brass cap with “Fowler Patent” detail
- Pressed dome cover on gearguards
- Correct shape flywheel casting.

I will stick my neck out and say you won’t find a better, more accurate 4” Fowler on the rally field. The quality of the build is to an extremely high standard and as you can see from the videos she runs beautifully. On the road she makes all the Fowler noises and has massive amounts of power but is gentle to drive.

The steel boiler is free steaming and has been commercially tested rather than by a club, water feed is through the crankshaft driven pump and steam injector.

We are in the process of getting the engine road-registered but unfortunately due to the current situation there are delays at the DVLA. As it is not yet road-registered we are unable to offer finance unless the V5 arrives before the final sale.

As with all our sales it will come with everything you need to rally, including a full set of firing irons, oil, bag of coal etc. A full days tuition is also included if required.

Part exchange of all steam and vintage vehicles welcomed. Transport and Export can also be arranged.

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