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4.5" Wallis & Steevens Roller

A rather nice and unusual engine, this 4.5" Simplicity roller is a rare sight on the rally field. The design somewhat splits opinion, but we are fans here at Legacy.

The Simplicity roller was Wallis and Steevens answer to a low cost and easy to maintain engine for use on dirt roads, primarily for the far eastern market. The roller is single speed, with drive through a differential on the second shaft. The original engines were one of the smallest engines to be produced only weighing around 3-4 tons, as such for performance and size comparisons consider it similar to a 3" Traction engine.

Construction is as the name suggest relatively simple, as such these are often taken on by newcomers to model engineering. It would be safe to assume it was not the case with this engine, everything is built to a good standard and it runs like a little sewing machine. These have a small internal flywheel as such they spin up and rev quite a bit higher than a conventional traction engine.

The professionally made steel boiler has been independently inspected and given a clean bill of health, it will come with a fresh steam ticket for the new owner to cover the 2022 rally season. Water feed is through a steam injector, hand pump and mechanically driven water pump.

Driving the engine is good fun and, on the road, it makes all the noises of a full size roller with the clanging rolls. It is worth noting that being single speed the engine is slower than most equivalent size traction engines.

Length: 54"
Width: 24"
Height: 37"

The engine comes complete with all required accessories including firing irons, driving trolley, coal and oil. As with all our steam sales tuition is also included.

Part exchange of all steam and vintage vehicles considered, UK delivery and export also available.

For more information or to arrange a viewing please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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