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4" STW Burrell Traction Engine

We are pleased to offer for sale this really well put together and nicely sorted example of the popular Steam Traction World 4” Burrell. Completed in 2017 the engine is in fine fettle and runs particularly well.

We are big fans of the Steam Traction World products, when put together correctly they make very capable engines and when steaming the 4” Burrell its clear to see why it has become so popular for both the original builders and subsequent owners. For future maintenance its is good to know that Steam Traction World carry a comprehensive range of spare parts.

After a successful steam test we took the engine on a 3 mile road run to our local on which she performed well as shown in the videos.

The engine will come ready to rally with firing irons, coal, oil and a days tuition included. As always we are happy to consider all steam and vintage vehicles as part exchange.

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