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4" Ruston SD Steam Tractor

Fitted with a new boiler and mechanically overhauled this 4” Ruston SD tractor is a great little engine for someone to make their own by finishing it off with a new paint job. If you don’t fancy doing it yourselves we are happy to undertake the painting to your specification.

Built using castings and drawings from Live Steam Models the engine featured in Model Engineer magazine when originally completed, a copy of which is included in the sale. After many years of enjoyment, the engine required a new boiler and mechanical overhaul which has just been completed by an experienced model engineer, as you can probably guess he prefers the handles of the lathe rather than a paintbrush. With many parts replaced the engine now runs very well and is a good performer.

The boiler although unused was made pre-CE marking under the supervision of the model engineering club, it looks well-made and has recently had a twice working pressure hydraulic test and comes fully steam tested and ready to run. Water feed is through a crankshaft driven pump and steam injector.

The model is based on a small proto-type, the original SD tractors being rated at 3 ton, as such they come out comparable size to a 3” Traction engine.

Length: 48”
Width: 21”
Height: 35”
Weight: 250kg ish

Although she needs painting the engine will be sold “ready to rally” with coal, firing irons, oil etc and a days tuition included. We are happy to consider all steam and vintage vehicles as part exchange. For us to paint the engine (depending on your specification) would be around £1500. We can also arrange for rubber tyres to be fitted if so desired.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch should you have any further questions.

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