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4" Little Samson Tractor

We are pleased to offer for sale this very well cared for 4” Little Samson Steam Tractor. The engine was made by a clearly accomplished engineer and has been built to a particularly high standard. Completed in 2007 it was rallied for 3 years until being put on display in the owner’s home so has seen minimal use.

We are big fans of the Little Samson Tractors, they make a powerful engine in a compact package and something a bit different to the more common makes. I think Little Samson is probably the only type where there are more 6” than 4” scale engines built, this scale is rarely modelled and I can’t remember the last time I saw one for sale.

Being based on a 5 Ton Tractor the engine comes out considerably smaller than a 4” Traction Engine, the closest comparison that is commonly seen is the 4” Ruston SD however the engine stands a good 8” longer and has a bigger boiler.

The CE marked boiler was built by Bell Boilers and is fed by a crankshaft driven pump and steam injector. Being stored for 10 years we are recommissioning the engine for use and it will come with a new 10 year hydraulic and annual steam test conducted by our independent boiler inspector.

The engine will come with everything you need to rally including a set of firing irons, well-built riding trailer, coal, oil and of course a day’s tuition from us.

Part exchange of all steam and vintage vehicles considered. Delivery can also be arranged.

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