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4" Garrett Project

The surprise of the year has to go to this 4” Garret and reminded us not to judge a book by its cover. Being honest I wasn’t expecting much from this engine but when we steamed it she ran a real treat! Ticked over nicely, plenty of power and under load came a nice crisp even beat from the exhaust.

It would be fair to describe her as a doer-upper but requiring time rather than any major expense, a new paint job would make the world of difference. We have priced the engine to allow the new owner plenty of scope to bring the engine up to spec as when done Garretts generally go for £19-20,000 as are a very popular engine. If you’re not too worried about aesthetics you could of course rally the engine as it is and it will come with everything we normally sell new engines with including firing irons, coal, oil and tuition.

The boiler is non-commercially made under the supervision of Model Engineering club and looks to have been built to a good standard, it has been steam and hydraulic tested and is in sound condition. Water feed is through steam injector and crankshaft driven pump. A set of boiler tins are also included but were removed for the boiler inspection and will need the lagging material and brass retaining bands remaking before fitting.

As always, we are happy to consider all steam and vintage vehicles as part exchange. If you would like any further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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