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3" Marshall S-Type

Probably one of the rarest models on the rallyfield with commercially available castings, this cracking 3” Marshall S-Type comes out a large and capable engine.
The most unusual and interesting thing about these Marshalls is the radial valve gear and heavily balanced crank. The engine runs beautifully in forward motion and unlike many miniatures notches back properly on the reverser. For its scale it is an incredibly powerful engine and spins up well giving a good turn of speed in top gear. For some reason she doesn’t run in reverse, we expect their was an error in the drawings which could no doubt be rectified but as the builder pointed out it run so well forward he didn’t want to mess around with it! And being a 3” he could simply push it backwards if needed.

We actually collected this one a few months ago from the builder but on boiler testing found it needed a new set of tubes and a new wash out plug welding in. These have both now been professionally done and the engine has been given a clean bill of health from an independent boiler inspector who completed a full ten-year inspection and hydraulic test. The steel boiler is professionally built and water feed is through a crankshaft driven pump and hand pump in the tender.

We, and everyone who has seen it, have been really impressed with the engine. She could quite happily be used as is but some time spent giving her a new paintjob with the correct Marshall colours and linings would make it a truly lovely engine.

The Marshall comes complete with everything you need to run, driving trolley, firing irons, blower, coal, oil etc and a full days tuition. As always we are happy to consider all steam and vintage vehicles part exchange and transport can also be arranged.

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