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3" Fowler Showmans Engine

We are pleased to offer for sale this stunning Fowler R3 Showmans Road Loco, it is simply one of the best we have ever seen and will be the prized engine in any collection. Should it be entered into Model Engineering Shows we are confident it would come away with the top awards.

To show the quality of this model we have produced an extended video. It was built over a 10 year period from 1990-2000 and since completion has seen very little use having been on display or in storage for most of its life. The project was started using the Plastows “Princess” design however the builder decided he wanted to produce a much more accurate model that was true to the full size. The builder ended up using original Fowler works drawings (many of which are included) and where deemed acceptable used Plastows castings, fabricating or creating his own for the rest.

Fit, finish and paintwork is to the highest standard, it runs beautifully and has buckets of power. Some how it even sounds like the full-size engine especially when on the road or generating. The 3-speed gearing makes for a quick engine which will out pace most larger scale models so should you wish to do a road run then this will cover the miles with ease.

The copper boiler was professionally built by John Ellis and runs at 120psi. Water feed is through a crankshaft driven pump and steam injector. The boiler steams freely and raises steam quickly. The safety valves are to the Fowler design, which are effective if a bit abrupt.

The Fowler comes with everything you need to rally including riding trolley, 12 volt blower, coal, oil and a days tuition or tutorial videos if required. Part exchange is welcomed where possible.

This really is a special model of the highest calibre, not only is it a practical and powerful engine for use on the rally-field it can be equally enjoyed as a piece of stunning model engineering.

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