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3" Burrell Rally Outfit

We are pleased to offer for sale this nicely made and well proven 3” Burrell Traction engine built to the Plastows design.

We have had a number of these popular engines come through over the years and always have an enjoyable afternoon steaming them. Their size makes them a practical engine to rally even if your only transport is the family hatchback yet they are still capable of a full weekends steaming and enjoyment.

The engine is fitted with a copper boiler which as per the normal arrangement is water fed through a crankshaft driven pump and steam injector. She will be inspected by an independent inspector shortly and assuming all is well (which we have little doubt of) will come with a fresh hydraulic and annual steam certificate.

As can be seen on the videos she runs very nicely and has now been through our workshop and had all the gland packings replaced and differential stripped down and re-greased.

The engine comes complete with a riding trolley, firing irons, 12 volt blower, coal, oil and other ancillaries. Part exchange of all steam and vintage vehicles is welcome.

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