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3" Aveling Steam Tractor

This engine is a lot of fun! We are pleased to offer for sale this very well sorted and recently overhauled 3” Aveling Steam Tractor, built from Maxitrak kits with a number of improvements it is one of the best running and performing examples we have seen.

These little Avelings have a reputation for punching well above their weight especially when used on the road. The top gear is very quick and on a good run this little pocket rocket will outrun most 4” Traction Engines and put a big smile on your face while doing it. Bottom gear is suited for pottering around the rallyfield and it will comfortably pull a couple of adults.

As mentioned the engine has had a number of improvements over the standard design with the most important being a new crankshaft which was machined from solid. She is a very free steaming engine and easy to manage, the copper boiler is water fed by a crank driven pump and one of the most reliable injectors we have seen in this scale.

The engine comes complete ready to rally with firing irons, coal, oil, tuition and a very well organised riding trolley which is large enough to carry 3 people and also has a stainless water tank which has been piped up to supply the engine on the move.

As you might have guessed we were very impressed with this little engine and had her in steam for most of the afternoon charging up and down the farm lane. So much so I am sorely tempted to keep it for smaller events where it can just be chucked (not literally) into the back of the truck and save all the hassle of trailers etc for transport.

As always, we are happy to consider all steam and vintage vehicles in part exchange. For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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