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2" Durham and North Yorkshire

It's green, yes very green! However look past the bright colour scheme and you find an extremely well made engine built by a time served tool maker.

One of the joys of model engineering is being able to re-create something that would otherwise have been lost and the Durham and North Yorkshire Traction engines are one such example. The company built 5 engines in total between 1873 and 1883 none of which have survived.

The engine is built to a very high standard and has seen very little use, according to the previous owner the engine was steamed on just a handful of occasions before going on display. We have run the engine on compressed air and as expected it runs beautifully.

The paintwork and lining has been done to a very high standard, in real life the green does not have the luminosity which the camera seems to show. I think an afternoon with some black paint for the cylinder block and firebox areas would act well to break up the green a bit and improve the overall appearance considerably.

The well made copper boiler is water fed by a crankshaft driven pump. We have not steamed the engine as think she may be kept for display however we have no concerns about the boiler. We would be happy to arrange hydraulic and steam testing with an independent boiler inspector (additional costs apply.) A secondary water feed would also be required, on this scale a hand pump is often a lot less troublesome than an injector.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us. Delivery and export can be arranged if required.

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