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1.5" Marshall Traction Engine

Currently taking pride and place on the dresser in our living room is this rather lovely 1.5” Marshall Traction engine. Built in 1952 I have visions of the builder, a clearly capable engineer, popping out to take measurements and details off a full size engine in a local works yard or even the model being built to immortalize one of their own engines that was soon off to the scrap man. Romantic notions some might think but that is what owning a model like this does and walking past it everyday you can’t help but think about the person who built and people who have enjoyed it over the years.

A nice change to the more commonly seen Allchin Royal Chester, the Marshall has similar overall proportions. The build is to a very good standard and as is often the case with this scale it has seen very little use mainly being used as a display piece, saying this the engine has been steamed and we are reliably informed by the previous owner she steams well. We have had her ticking over on compressed air and as you can see from the video she runs sweetly. We will be having a little steam up with her on Saturday 9th May for the #twittersteamrally.

The boiler is copper and looks to be a quality build like the rest of the engine, I can see no reason why it would not pass a hydraulic and steam test and should the next owner wish for this to be done we would be happy to discuss testing options. Water feed is through a crankshaft driven pump and hand pump which has been cleverly hidden in the tender so not seen when not required.

The paintwork has fared quite well over the years and is still more than presentable, as you would expect there some chips here and there. Some areas of green have been touched up but the colour was not well matched. Personally, we would keep it as it is as gives it some working charm and character but for someone who prefers their engines perfectly presented a repaint could also be undertaken.

Overall a lovely example of a very rare model. Due to the current situation we have included the cost of delivery in the asking price, this is to UK mainland, but we are happy to offer export if required.

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