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6" Wallis & Stevens Portable



L.V. Brokering

Suffolk, UK


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new on sale

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After an afternoon steaming this unique engine we are quite smitten with it, it is well made throughout and runs beautifully. Portable steam engines in any scale are rare as hens teeth but an example of this size we believe this to be the only one.

The engine was built by Wallis and Stevens Ltd, not the well known manufacturer in Basingstoke but an engineer based in Southampton, you could even argue this is an original full size engine from the new manufacturer rather than a scale model! Size wise the engine is documented as a 6" scale however it is quite diminutive for this scale standing at 5ft long, 3' 6" tall to the top of the flywheel and 2'2" wide.

As you can hear on the videos the engine runs particularly nicely and it isn't just made for looks it has some serious grunt and would happily put on an excellent display running a small saw bench or implement. The engine has had very little use so as you would expect the boiler remains in excellent condition, it will come fully steam tested ready for rallying. Water feed is through the crank driven pump and a reliable steam injector, safety valves are the progressive lift pop type so lift gently and close effectively. Included in the sale is a full set of firing irons, coal, oil and a mornings tuition.

For further information or to arrange a viewing please do not hesitate to contact us. Nationwide delivery available or export as required.


Important Note: We recommend when purchasing any steam vehicle to employ the services of your own boiler inspector for independent advice and not solely rely on previous test reports.

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