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4" Fowler Showmans - Work Required



L.V. Brokering

Suffolk, UK


Hydraulic Exp:

Steam Test Exp:

Year Built:


On behalf of the owners we are pleased to offer for sale this nicely finished 4" Fowler Showmans which has been built to the Plastows Princess design. This engine offers someone a nice project but without the hassle of a full repaint as this remains in good condition being originally done to a high standard.

Although we have had the engine in steam it is a project for someone as we found a leak on the hydraulic test. The engine is fitted with copper boiler and the leak is on one of the corners of the foundation ring, for an effective and long-lasting repair the engine will need a full strip down to a bare boiler. Although we believe the boiler is repairable we have priced the engine to allow for a replacement if necessary.

Apart from the boiler as you can see on the videos and pictures the engine is in overall good condition, the motion work shows no noticeable signs of excessive wear and runs well apart from the slight knock you can hear which can easily be sorted on the rebuild.

Please note the boiler paperwork states 1986 as the boiler build date however we are pretty certain from the registration number and general condition it was completed in 2009.

For further information or to arrange a viewing please do not hesitate to contact us.


Important Note: We recommend when purchasing any steam vehicle to employ the services of your own boiler inspector for independent advice and not solely rely on previous test reports.

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