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3" Freelance traction engine



Year Built: Unkown

Steam Certificate Expiry: 10/2020
Hydraulic Expiry: 10/2023
Location: Hadleigh, Suffolk



A nicely proportioned and built freelance traction engine which looks to have used some of 3" Burrell castings in its construction. We are unsure of the year this one was built but the first boiler reports date back to 2008. This has come out a particularly large engine closer in size if not bigger than a 3" Allchin or Fowler.

Clearly someone has spent a lot of time and effort building this engine, it has a number of nice features including the working scale vice on the running board. Since completion it looks to have been well cared for, it runs very nicely and has plenty of power for pulling the family around the rally field. On the road it performs well as it has quite a high top gear, it is of the size that the evening road run at a steam rally should not pose too much of a challenge.

The boiler is made from  steel and water feed is through a crank driven pump and steam injector. There is also a small hand operated pump but this is pretty much useless for the large volume of the boiler. Unusually the boiler is built as per full size practice with the hornplates being part of the boiler not bolted on separately. It steams freely and is in good condition, the previous owner reported the local model engineering club fitted a new set of tubes only a couple of years ago. It has jut passed a hydraulic and steam test so is good to go for the 2020 rally season.

One thing you notice about the engine is how robustly built it is, for want of a better word it is all quite chunky but the overall appearance certainly doesn't suffer for this. Being built like this has a number of advantages, there is very little wear on the engine due to the large bearing surfaces and it is also less likely to be damaged by a heavier-handed driver....such as children who often lack a bit of mechanical sympathy. The brass gear-guards and boiler cladding probably arent too everyone's taste but these can be easily painted over the winter period.The areas with paint have been done to a good standard and still in good condition however the chimney and smokebox could do with a little touch up.

This is the perfect first engine for someone to enjoy. It come as a ready to rally out fit with the driving trolley, a set of firing irons, a 12v steam raising blower, extension chimney and the necessary consumables. As with all our engines a full days tuition is included.


Length:   50"

Width:     24"

Height:    34"

I am unsure of the weight but all i can say it is heavy! I can normally lift the back end of most 3" engines but this one is a real struggle, at a guess I would say 175-200kg.

As always we are happy to consider part exchange on all steam and other vintage vehicles. Export can also be arranged.

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