oldsmobile curved dash


Seller: Private Seller

Location: Cambridgeshire

A perfect car for the London to Brighton Run this 1903 Oldsmobile has proven itself as one of the most reliable vehicles of its era...

Albion mobile workshop lorry


Seller: Private Seller

Location: South Lincolnshire

One of a batch of 60 vehicles supplied to REME from 1950, this vehicle would have contained a lathe, drilling machine and other workshop tools for field repairs to be carried out.

Foden Og recovery truck


Seller: Private Seller

Location: Hertfordshire

The OG is a rare lorry and this is probably the only one still in its original working livery. It has been a reliable performer appearing at many shows throughout the year....

Scammell S26 unit- 65 ton


Seller: Private Seller

Location: Dorset

1984 Scammell S26 with extremely low genuine mileage of 39,000 kms, in very tidy and original condition....