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10 ton



Seller: Legacy Vehicles Brokering

Year Built: 1928
Steam Certificate Expiry: May 2020
Hydraulic Expiry: April 2023
Location: Bedford




We are very pleased to offer for sale this very honest and well sorted steam roller.

Supplied new to Dumfries County Council where she spent all of her working life, this roller was sold into preservation in 1965 and has since had only a handful of owners. The Aveling and Porter E-Type was one of most successful designs of steam engines ever produced and when driving one it’s easy to understand why. Free steaming, plenty of power and a good turn of speed (in roller terms), this design makes for a great engine both on the road and rally field.

It is fitted with a differential and all rolls have recently been rubbered by Reliant Rubbers; making it very comfortable and importantly safe on the road. With a 7-8mph comfortable cruising speed, you can quickly clock up the miles and get some good distances covered in a day. The boiler is in good condition, having received a new barrell, smokebox and tubeplate in 2011.

The firebox was replaced in the mids 1980s and still reading good thicknesses all round.

A full report by NTET accredited inspector can be provided to interested parties. The boiler is fed by twin injectors which both work extremely well and pick up instantly. Mechanically, it runs very well with no concerning knocks or bangs from the top end. For finer tuning, a couple of the pins on the lifting link might want replacing in the years to come but there are no real signs of excessive wear in the motion. It is quite noisy in the gears.

On inspection, we suspect this is mainly due to the high speed gear on the second shaft being worn on the square (short video available). If you are planning on doing a lot of miles, it may be worth having this redone over a winter period and you could also take the opportunity to build up the main drive gear (the little one); as these receive the most wear on Aveling rollers. The differential bevel gears would also benefit from some attention in the coming years. These recommendations are relatively simple work and do not require an extensive strip down. Being a common job, a number of companies can offer assistance should you not wish to complete the work yourself.

Nevertheless, this work is not immediately essential and she can be enjoyed in her current state for a good while. The only work that we could see needs doing soon rather than later was a patch in the tender filler pocket, which is an easy job for anyone handy with a welder.

This roller is presented in a very honest condition, and perfect for someone looking to make an engine their own with a new paint job. Alternatively to be kept as is, her current “working clothes” appearance receives many positive comments from the public who remember the later years of steam being used commercially.

A new canopy was fitted a few years ago and this along with the extensive boiler work and rubbered rolls (cost of £8,500 alone) means she will need very little extra expense in the coming years. Well suited for both experienced owners or newcomers, the roller is a pleasure to drive and run and comes with a full set of firing irons and water lifter hose as seen on the canopy rear irons. Viewing and inspection welcome for genuinely interested parties.

We would be happy to offer a days tuition on completion of sale for no extra charge.


Transport can be also be arranged with experienced companies.


Part Ex and Finance– Possible on this engine

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