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AVELING AND PORTER 10 ton roller



Seller: Private Seller

Year Built: 1913
Steam Certificate Expiry: 
Hydraulic Expiry: 2029
Location: Cornwall



proffesional advertising

Nearing the end of an extensive restoration, we are pleased to advertise for sale this Aveling roller. An unexpected opportunity for the owner to purchase a new engine has bought forward the sale before completion.

The engine has an interesting working history being dispatched new to E & F Case, Contractors, Somerset. It was requisitioned by the War Department and sent to France during World War 1, before returning in 1921 and bought by Devon County Roads Dept and registered as TA2435. They kept the engine until 1965 and was sold to a Contractor in Devon then into preservation in Reading in the 80’s. The Engine is rare in that it was originally fitted with a winch winding drum and a diff, both of which it still has. 


For the last 5 years the roller has been in Cornwall undergoing restoration with the current owner, this has included a new flanged and riveted firebox, minor work to the original barrel, a new half canopy, vulcanised rubber rear rolls plus many other new parts and general mechanical overhaul. The boiler was hydraulic tested in 2019 so now only requires the normal annual steam inspection on completion.


The work required to finish is:

- Riveting together of the newly fabricated tender, this is currently bolted up and has been trial fitted on the engine. It is currently with the fabricator who can rivet it for the new owner if required.

- Connecting rod and bearing caps to be refitted on the motion work.

- Painting of the rear rolls, gear-guards and canopy irons.

- Differential to be refitted to the axle

- Refitting of gauge glass frames, pipework and new fire hole door. 

- General final fit and fettling

Apart from riveting of the tender the engine offers the new owner a great opportunity to finish a restoration with standard workshop skills, tools and equipment (standard in steam engine terms.) Monetary wise the engine needs very little extra expense to complete but has been priced to allow for some professional help and a small contingency if required.

She is complete with all paperwork, logbook, both current and buff original, full details of the rebuild along with a comprehensive set of photos. 

Please don't hesitate to speak to us about finance or part exchange.

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