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Albion Reme Mobile workshop



Seller: Private Seller

Year Built: 1951
Location: South Lincolnshire




One of a batch of 60 vehicles supplied to REME from 1950, this vehicle would have contained a lathe, drilling machine and other workshop tools for field repairs to be carried out. For power it would have towed a generator trailer. It is currently fitted out as a camper for the rally scene, but retains it’s original appearance from the outside. There are a few of these in preservation but many have been turned into commercial vehicles, with less than a handful retaining the original rear body.


This vehicle spent 25 years with the army before being sold privately, spending time on a fruit farm before being bought by the last owner for a ground up restoration in the late 80’s. The present owner purchased the lorry in 2001. During its career in the Military the lorry carried registration number 55 BD 02.


It is fitted with an Albion EN286, 4 cylinder diesel engine and five speed Albion gearbox, driving both rear axles in a 6x4 configuration. The cab is a Clansman type.

This is a reluctant sale with the current owner having looked after it for almost 19 years and will be sadly missed.

More pictures will be added shortly when the weather improves. In the meantime some more can be found here on google

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