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6" Little Samson Tractor (Savage)



Year Built: 2018
Steam Certificate Expiry: August 2020
Hydraulic Expiry: 2027
Location: Hadleigh, Suffolk

Part Ex and Finance available




The 6” Little Samson is becoming a very popular engine, based on a small prototype, it offers owners the enjoyment of a large-scale engine but at a size and weight which allows transport by a standard van or large family car and trailer. Most are built using the cast wheels option, we only  know of another couple with the built up spoked wheels like this one.


The engine is a couple of years old and has settled in nicely, all the teething problems that come with a new engine have been ironed out and it is now a strong and reliable performer recently completing a 12-mile road run. The vulcanised wheels give a comfortable ride and the high-top gear allows for a steady 7-8mph without pushing the engine too hard. The rear bench seat accommodates our family quite comfortably (2 adults, 2 children) and although that is pushing on 30 stone it can still pull away and keep the front wheels on the ground....most of the time.

The boiler is built by AJB and running at 150psi, water fed by a crankshaft driven pump and injector. It is very free steaming and an easy engine to fire on the rally field and road.


Overall it’s a well sorted engine and very enjoyable to own, it will come with everything you need including firing irons, extension chimney, tube brush, fittings for hydraulic tests etc. It will have a new annual steam test completed by an independent inspector before the sale and the front end will receive a new coat of heat proof paint, the short video below shows the 11% gradient hill that burnt the last coat off!


As with all our stock and commission sales it will come with a full days tuition included for those that require it.


Viewing is welcome in Hadleigh, Suffolk or we would be happy to bring the engine to Weeting or Weald of Kent Steam Rally in the coming weeks.


Height:    5'

Length:    7'

Width:     3'

Weight:   950kg (estimated)

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