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6" Fowler Road loco

part built



Year Built: new
Steam Certificate Expiry:
Hydraulic Expiry: 
Location: Staffordshire



The 6" Fowler B6 Road Locomotive makes for a large, good looking and extremely capable machine. Being less common than the equivalent Burrell or McLaren product these engines generate a lot of interest wherever they go. 

We are pleased to offer for sale this part built example. The work of a professional engineer, everything has been done to a very high standard with no expense spared on the build. Sadly, due to unforeseen circumstances, the engine has to be sold before completion which offers the new owner the opportunity to finish it to their own specification. Although built as a road locomotive this could  be changed to a showmans engine with an extension to the smoke box or with a similar arrangement as used on Fowler B6 "Carry On".

Complete with pretty much all the castings required to finish, many of which have already been machined. The builder estimates the engine to be around 80% complete, I think this is quite a conservative estimate when going through the list of things completed or part machined.

The main jobs left to complete the engine are:

- Final boring and machining of the cylinder block and wayshaft bracket radius onto the boiler

- Production of the control and gear levers, some of which are already started.

- Finishing of steering assembly. The steering scroll and worm gear are already machined

- Final bore and mounting of eccentrics onto crankshaft.

- Production of the brake band.

- Machining of boiler fittings, a number of which have been started.

- Make the gear guards and other tin work.

I am sure with little extra monetary expense but plenty of enthusiasm this could be turned out ready for the 2020 rally season . If the new owner continues the build at the same high standard as its been started this will make one of the finest engines on the rallyfield. It is difficult to convey all the little snip-bits of information and explain the attention to detail on this description but for any genuinely interested parties the owner would be pleased to speak with you and go into further details.

The boiler is from well respected boiler-smith AJBs and is CE marked.

Although a private sale we are able to help with a part exchange so please do not hesitate to contact us.

Once complete we would expect an engine of this quality to achieve at least £75,000.

*Please note the cylinder block shown mounted on the engine is faulty and the replacement part machined cylinder block is in red primer.*

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