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Year Built: 2019
Steam Cert Expiry: June 2020
Hydraulic Cert Expiry:  April 2029
Location: Essex



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We are pleased to offer for sale this recently completed and beautifully presented 6" Burrell Road Locomotive. Completed early last year and only being steamed a handful since, the engine is in as new condition and has settled in nicely.The work of a professional engineer, with many years steam experience, it is now offered for sale to make way for his next project.

Built using the drawings and castings from Live Steam Models (LSM). The boiler was made by Bell Boilers and runs at 200PSI. Water feed is through a crankshaft driven pump and 3/8" Penberthy injector.

The attention to detail on this engine is impressive with nice features such as the scale Burrell pressure gauge rather than an off-the-shelf product being used. It has been painted using Craftmaster coach enamels and finished in a traditional Burrell lining scheme and vanished for a traditional look.

Anyone who has driven a good example these engines will vouch for their free-steaming and powerful nature, they are easy to manage on the rally field and really get on well on the open road and this one is no exception. 

Weighing approximately 2.5 tons it can be towed with a large 4x4 and trailer allowing for a few bags of coal and ancillaries to be chucked on before going over the 3500kg limit. (depending on the unladen weight of your trailer)

We are happy to consider all steam and other vintage vehicles as part exchange and finance can be arranged through our specialist broker.

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