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4" Fowler Road Loco undergoing overhaul



Sold by:

Private Seller



Year built:


Steam Certificate Expiry:

January 2019

Hydraulic Expiry:

May 2022


A well presented 4” fowler showmans built to the well known and long running Plastows design. Being based on the Fowler R3 these engines are more often than not painted in “Iron Maiden” guise (made famous by the 1960s film) so it’s nice to see an engine with this individual yet handsome colour scheme.

The design is popular as the 4” engine comes out a large powerful model weighing around 750kg. The 3 speed gearing gives it a good turn of speed on the road but is equally suited for a trundle around the rally field often up to the beer tent of an evening to generate at night alongside its full size counterparts.

The engine has been well looked after over the years and was re-boilered in 1998 with a commercially made steel boiler from D&S Steam engineering. Boiler feed is through a steam injector and crankshaft driven water pump.

Recent work includes new vulcanised tyres, repaint and sign writing which has been done to a very nice standard as shown in the pictures. The only thing left to complete the engine is new canopy lighting and wiring, this job has become much simpler in recent years with suitable LED bulbs with their own built in voltage regulators.

The engines is adorned with a few features often missed off models including belly-tank-mounted water lifter, front road lamps and large Fowler crest.

The engine does require a steam test, paperwork from previous tests is available for the new owners to review but the seller states there are no known issues that would prevent a clean bill of health from the inspector.

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