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pair of 3" Fowler k5 Ploughing engines



Seller: Private Seller

Year Built: 2002 & 2004
Steam Certificate Expiry: New on sale
Hydraulic Expiry: New on sale
Location: Leicestershire



proffesional advertising

We are pleased to advertise for sale this cracking pair of 3" Fowler K5 ploughing engines, based on a large prototype they are comparable in size and power to a 4" traction engine.  Black Bess was the first to be completed in 2002 and Black Beauty followed in 2004. The owner will consider selling the engines individually.

Due to the complexity and expense of building the winding gear, ploughing engines of any scale are rarely modeled. These two have clearly been built by an experienced model engineer, with a high level of detail throughout and since completion have been well cared for. The engines seem to have had relatively little use as they have spent many years as part of private collection before passing onto the current owner in 2014, with whom they have only been out a handful of times each year. The paintwork is showing signs of their age, however when out on show many people have passed kind comments of how good they look in their "working clothes"; giving the engines a lot of character.  


Correctly built as a left and right hand pair, both have fully functioning 2 speed ploughing gear. It is very impressive how much these engines can pull on the drum; the limitation is really how well you can secure the engine as it will easily pull itself sideways. They have two road gears and really sound like the full size engines when in use with the distinctive single cylinder exhaust bark and ringing gears.

Being a long, heavy engine; the seats are mounted onto the tender - probably the only 3" you could do this on without the risk of popping a wheelie. Being over 6 feet long and weighing around 350kg, these are comparable in size to a 4" traction engine. The boilers are large and easy to steam with particularly deep fireboxes, perfect for hard firing before a long pull on the cable . Water feed is through a crank driven pump and newly fitted steam injectors. On agreement of purchase the owner will have new steam and hydraulic tests conducted by the local model engineering club who have looked after the engines for a number of years.

Both come complete with a full set of rally accessories: firing tools, 12 volt blowers with batteries, tube brush, hydraulic blanking plates etc.

The owner would prefer the engines to go as a pair. As such there is some room for negotiation if kept together. Viewing and steam tests welcomed by genuinely interested parties.

Please speak to us about part exchange. Export can also be arranged.

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