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3" Burrell Traction engine



Year Built: 
Steam Certificate Expiry: New on sale
Hydraulic Expiry: 2021
Location: Hadleigh, Suffolk




We are pleased to offer for sale this particularly charming 3" Burrell rally out-fit, complete with a well-proportioned driving trolley and all the necessary accessories. 


The engine is built to a high standard throughout and has a number of nice detail touches such as the vice on the running board and planked man-stand. Paintwork and lining has also been well done and polishes up nicely. It runs well and its clear from the minimal wear on the motion and gearing it has not seen a huge amount of use since completion.

The silver-soldered copper boiler was built by Cheddar Boilers in 1991, however the engine was not finished until a number of years later but the exact date in unknown. Water feed is through a steam injector and crankshaft driven pump. The safety valves retain the original Ramsbottom appearance but the internals have been replaced with progressive lift pop-valves, which prove a lot less troublesome and can be set while in steam. A fresh steam test will be conducted by our independent boiler inspector before sale.

The engine is two speed with a differential and winch fitted. The rubber tyres make for a comfortable ride on hard standing and you have plenty of power for pulling two adults around a rallyfield. 

This scale is very practical for transport and storage. With the rear seats down the engine and trailer comfortably fit in our average size 4x4 and there is still plenty of space for the toolbox and a bag of coal.


Length:    44"

Width:     20"

Height:    29"

Weight:   125kg (ish) 

For those new to steam or whoever would like a refresh, a full days tuition is included.

As always we are happy to consider part exchange on all steam and other vintage vehicles. Export can also be arranged.

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