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3" Atkinson Steam Lorry



Year Built: Circa 1979
Steam Certificate Expiry: April 2021
Hydraulic Expiry: 2024
Location: Hadleigh, Suffolk




We are pleased to offer for sale this beautifully built Atkinson Steam Wagon. Although it hasn't been to any yet I am sure if entered into model engineering exhibitions it would come away with plenty of awards, the accuracy and quality of workmanship is top class.

Originally built by an English gentleman in Australia the wagon came to the UK in 2008, on arrival it was hydraulic and steam tested (paperwork available) then put on static display in the new owners home until we recently collected it. It is clear over the years the engine has seen very little use being enjoyed for what it is rather than for being run around the rallyfield, although if you wanted to it is perfectly capable of this too. It has been built as an artic lorry and a set of rear wheels and axle is included to build the trailer however if you wanted to drive the engine a rear seat and foot pegs would be a simple addition as it is large enough to sit on. 


Length:   135cm

Width:    60cm 

Height:   80cm

With the engine is some nice history with write ups of the build and a charming letter from Seddon Atkinsons Austraila who say "We have naturally had quite a few vehicle models brought to our notice....I have to be very honest and say that i have not seen one as fine as this one". 

The lorry is being recommissioned for use and will be sold with a new hydraulic and steam test from our independent inspector. The left hand side front lamp is with the engine and will be refitted.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch. We are happy to arrange transport and export if required. 

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