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2" Clayton artic Steam lorry 



Seller: Private Seller

Year Built: 1989
Steam Certificate Expiry: May 2019
Hydraulic Expiry: May 2020
Location: Cornwall



proffesional advertising

We are pleased to advertise for sale this nicely made 2" Clayton Articulated Steam Lorry supplied complete with a protective crate for storage and transport. 

Going by the boiler reports the engine has seen little use and has only had 4 steam tests since completion, this is not uncommon with this scale of engines as many end up as display pieces or used privately.  It is now due another steam test and having a copper boiler this should be no issue for any steam model engineering club. 

These diminutive lorries offer a great opportunity for people to get to grips with running a steam engine, in practice they are a bit too small for use on an uneven grassy rallyfield but have enough power to be run on hardstanding. The running boards on the trailer make for comfortable foot rests while driving. 

The lorry comes with two full sets of plans. Delivery can also be arranged once travel restrictions are lifted.

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