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Ransomes Simms and Jeffries Portable

On behalf of the owners we are pleased to offer for sale this very original Ransomes Simms and Jeffries 6NHP Portable. A practical size the engine is large enough to put on a good working display with a saw bench or drum but not to large to make transport to events and inhibiting factor.

Built in 1907, number 19391 was originally built for export and like many other Portables was sent to South America, it still carries the original dealer plate from W.R. Grace & Co of Chile. The engine was repatriated back to England and eventually returned to steam in 2011 after receiving boiler works and a sympathetic restoration.

The boiler is reported to be in sound condition having undergone a 10 year thorough inspection and hydraulic with a respected independent boiler inspector in 2022 and it still runs at the original boiler pressure. Water feed is through a large crankshaft driven pump, unlike most road engines the portable only has one means of water feed. Although a large boiler it comes up to steam relatively quickly thanks to the large grate area, it will also steam happily on low quality (cheap) fuels.

The engine is supplied with a lovely period water cart and a smaller galvanised, riveted steel tank for boiler water supply. A full set of firing irons are also included with sale along with various door door joints and gaskets. Basically their is everything you need to take the engine straight from us to a rally and put on a lovely display. We are happy to steam the engine for the owner with a days training also included.

Length - 12'
Width - 5'6"
Height- 8'8" (chimney lowered)
Weight- 6 tons (estimated)

We are happy to consider all steam and vintage vehicles as part exchange and for further information or to arrange a viewing please do not hesitate to contact us.

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