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Clayton & Shuttleworth Road Loco

On behalf of the owners, we are privileged to offer for sale the stunning and sole surviving Clayton and Suttlleworth 7NHP Road Loco “Lady Jean”. The engine is presented in excellent condition and ready for a new owner to rally and enjoy.

A fully sprung, 2 speed engine she left the Stamp End works on 9th August 1915 and sold to local Timber Merchants Harry Adcock & Sons where she was used for Timber and general road haulage in the Lincolnshire area. She was road registered in September 1921.

In the 1930s she was sold Broadwell & Wakefield, a threshing contractors in Rugby. When with the company the belly tanks, canopy and tender extensions were removed. In 1942 the engine was moved on again and went through a number of owners before entering preservation with Ron Deamer of Chaterris Cambridgeshire in 1964 and sold onto the current owners in 1971.

In her new ownership she was a regular attendee at many local events including Appleford, Knowl Hill, Woodcote etc until being pulled off the road in 1978 for major works. Between 1979 and 1984 the engine underwent an extensive restoration by the owners including a new firebox, tubeplate, tender repairs, new front spring and general mechanical repairs and renewal at this time she was also reverted to her original guise with replacement belly tanks, canopy and tender extensions being made and fitted. The owners have continued to maintain the engine the highest standards and is a credit to them, over recent years she has undergone further works including a full repaint, motion overhaul, works to the diff and 4th shaft and rubber tyres been fitted.

A Fletcher design, the Clayton is a handsome looking engine and has a number of uncommon but practical design features including a piston valve regulator which makes her one of the most gentle and easy engines to drive we have experienced. Being 2 speed she isn’t the fastest road loco averaging around 6-7mph but has buckets of power and rarely if ever requires dropping down into first gear. Even steep descents are easy handled by simply holding back on the reverser. Overall the engine is a delight to drive and one you quickly become comfortable with. It is worth noting the gearing is noisy when on the road however it is not excessively worn and doesn’t have a load of backlash through drivetrain, it is suspected most of the noise is caused by the new bearings and bushes in shafts moving the meshing points on the gears slightly.

Boiler wise the engine has just undergone a 10 year inspection and hydraulic with a well-respected independent boiler inspector. She is reported to be in generally good condition however there is a localised area of wastage of the firebox near one of the seams (still over 8mm) on speaking to the boiler inspector it has been the same in the 8 years they have been inspecting it so with boiler treatment could continue long passed the next hydraulic in 2032. We suggest buyers work on the assumption she will want boiler work at some point in the next 10-20 years with the engine being priced accordingly working on the worst case scenario. For genuinely interested buyers the boiler inspector has said they would be happy to discuss it and full boiler reports are available. Water feed is through a water pump and reliable steam injector.

Overall this a beautiful engine which will provide the new owners years or enjoyment before any major works are needed, she has been priced with the future works in mind. Lady Jean comes with a full set of sheets, firing irons, coal, oil and if required a full days tuition. Viewings are welcomed and we are happy to show the engine in steam. For further information or to arrange a viewing please do not hesitate to contact us.

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