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Aveling and Porter Steam Tractor

On behalf of the owners we are pleased to offer for sale Aveling and Porter 12152, a highly desirable 5 ton steam tractor which has been extensively overhauled and well cared for in its current ownership but has not been steamed since 2019.

This 4NHP steam motor tractor was supplied new to Edinburgh Corporation in 1928. The Corporation Roads Department used the engine for road maintenance work in conjunction with a fleet of steam rollers, of which two Marshall and a Fowler roller still survive. The tractor hauled trailers containing stone chippings from Barnton Quarry to the east of Edinburgh to local depots and road repair jobs throughout the city, the winch being used to pull out trees and scrubs on roadside work as required. Based at the McLeod Street Depot, Edinburgh, it last worked commercially in the late 1950’s and has been in preservation since then.

The tractor is to the makers ‘L type’ design and is a 4 n.h.p. piston valve successor to the Aveling ‘XAC4’ and ‘GND’; tractors, which were first designed in 1904 to meet the requirements of the new road traffic order of that year which abolished the need for a second man on the footplate. This later series of engines were built during the 1920’s and 12152 is one of the last such examples to be sold. The cast Y wheels with pressed on rubber tyres were designed to suit the newer metalled roads then being introduced. The tractor was originally ordered with a full length canopy and two injectors, an Aveling water lifter was later fitted.

Based in Bedfordshire for many years, it was purchased by the present owner in 1993 and moved to Hertfordshire. Since then the engine has been extensively overhauled and the original Aveling livery restored, the painting and lining out being based on works photographs.

The boiler was fitted with a new firebox by Maskells of Wilstead in the 1970’s. All boiler reports for the last 30 years are available for inspection. The boiler was retubed in 2014 and a hydraulic test to working pressure applied, please note this was not a 1.5 x working pressure test as required on the 'ten year' examination. Following an injury to the owner in 2019, and later Covid lockdown, the engine has not been in use since late 2019. With his advancing years, the owner would like to see the engine passed to a new owner who can cherish it as he has.

Technical Details
Royalty No. 12152
Boiler: fitted with Belpaire firebox, 27 tubes 1 ¾”o.d., grate area 17” x 25 ½”.
Working pressure: 200 psi.
Aveling type: ‘L-Type’
Supplied: May 19th.1928
Weight: 5 tons (nominal)
Nominal horse power: 4
Cylinders: Compound, piston valve steam admission, Stephenson valve gear.
Bores HP 4 ¼”, LP 6 ½”; x stroke 8”
Road speeds: 2

Please note on reading the most recent boiler report there is nothing that causes alarm or indication of any major works being required, however the engine has been priced accordingly for a hassle-free sale for the owner.

For further information or to arrange a viewing of this delightful engine please do not hesitate to contact us.

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