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6" Garrett 4CD Steam Tractor

On behalf of the owner we are pleased to offer for sale this exceptional half size Garrett 4CD “Master Potter” which is a scale replica of Garrett 31633 “Mr Potter”. At the time of build the owner owned the full size engine so took measurements and details directly from it. She even has the Garrett clack from slide valves when on the overrun as per the full size engines.

Most 6” Garrett tractors use commercially available castings and drawings however the engine was built before these were available, an accomplished engineer the builder made all his own patterns for the required castings. As you can imagine the build quality is to an extremely high standard and since completion in 2000 the engine has been kept in excellent mechanical condition and runs very well.

The welded steel boiler was also completed by the builder in 1996, (pre CE marking requirements) and after a recent thorough 10 year inspection is reported to be in very good condition with healthy plate thickness throughout. The engine has just received a new set of boiler tubes in our workshop and will come with a fresh steam certificate from an independent inspector. Water feed is through a crank driven pump and steam injector.

The engine is a pleasure to drive, the comfortable seating arrangement at the back allows for the canopy to remain on the engine. The regulator is operated by an extension rod to the rear of the canopy which is easily removed if not required.

Included in the sale is an IFOR Williams BH94T trailer which has been set up for moving the engine with a winch and lashing points. If not required the engine can be sold separately (£1500 off the asking price)

The engine comes complete ready to rally with all accessories required, firing irons, extension chimney, coal, oil and a days tuition.

As always we are happy to help with part exchanges where possible and any viewings are welcomed. For further information or to arrange a viewing please do not hesitate to contact us.

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