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6" Clayton Steam Lorry

We are pleased to offer for sale this impressive and rare half size Clayton steam lorry which comes with two articulated trailers. A well-built and solid machine, we have just had the engine through the workshop for a good tidy up and sort and number of little jobs.

We had a brilliant afternoon steaming this around the yard and local lanes, it is a strong performer on the road comfortably getting along at 7-8mph. Boiler maintenance is surprisingly easy and maintaining pressure and water level is no real challenge even when pushing along. The boiler runs at 120psi but the steam is superheated like on many full size undertype wagons, just like the full size the engine comes into its own once the superheater has warmed up. The brakes on the rear axle can be both hand or foot operated.

The drive chain features a dog clutch which allows the engine to be run out of gear, this is a useful feature for both pumping water when stationary and for warming up the engine and superheater before driving. The boiler is professionally built and water fed by a crank driven pump, reliable steam injector and manual hand pump. Metal thickness readings throughout show minimal wastage over the years and the engine will come fully tested by an independent examiner including a 10-year hydraulic.

The engine is generally built to a high standard and it has just been through our workshop for a bit of an overhaul so is now ready to rally and enjoy. Works have included:
- Engine overhaul
- Replacement of most pipework
- Replacement steam valves
- New rear brake operating cable
- New handles on drain cocks
- Boiler chemical clean and restoration of bush threads
- Lining of cab and water tank
- Cosmetic repaint of chassis and wheels

The lorry comes with two trailers, one to the original clayton design which is a very solid and heavy lump! The other low-loader type trailer is of all aluminium construction and quickly breaks down into 3 parts for ease of transport and allows both lorry and trailer to go in the back of a van large van. With either trailer on the outfit goes almost 14’ long!

Lorry Dimensions:
Length: 8’
Width: 40”
Height: 60”
Weight: 1 ton (estimated)

Length: 8’
Overall length when coupled to lorry just under 14’.

As normal the engine will be sold ready to rally with firing irons, coal, oil and a day’s tuition included. Part ex of all steam and vintage vehicles considered. For any further information or to arrange a viewing please do not hesitate to contact us.|

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