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6" Burrell undertype wagon

On behalf of the owner, we are pleased to offer for sale this unique and interesting half size Burrell Steam Wagon. The original engine was built by Burrells in 1901 as a development prototype and was then used as the works transport for a number of years.

Built by well known model engineer Eddie Lancaster the Burrell was finished in 2007 and has since been kept in very good mechanical condition, she received a full repaint a few years ago which has been done to a high standard. The engine is a compound slide valve arrangement which runs in an enclosed crank case, the eccentrics and slide valves sit outside of this case for easy access. The 2 speed transmission is selected by a lever on the footplate and chain driven to the rear axle. Braking is provided by a hand brake applied directly to the rear wheels and a hidden disc brake on the rear axle.

Although it looks like there are lots of levers, once you are used to the controls it is actually a very practical and well laid out engine to drive. Pulling away is a simple affair with the double high being operated by your foot, the ball valve regulator allows for fine adjustment and all controls easily fall to hand. I must admit I couldn’t help but be smiling the whole time driving the wagon, it is lots of fun!

The welded steel vertical boiler runs at 200psi and is water fed by mechanical driven pump, a reliable buffalo style steam injector and back up mechanical pump. The boiler was constructed by the builder and comes with all relevant material and welding certificates. It will come fully hydraulic and steam tested by an independent boiler inspector before sale. The chimney assembly can be removed in a matter of seconds which is also great for transport in lower vehicles.

The wagon is a strong performer on the rallyfield and road runs with the compound engine offering lots of power. The boiler steams like a witch and is seems very efficient on coal and water, the challenge is to stop it blowing off! Being a vertical design it also quickly comes up to pressure from cold.

Length: 9’6”
Width: 3’6”
Height: 5’10” (4’5” with chimney removed)

The wagon will be supplied ready to rally with all the required accessories including coal, water, oil, firing irons, extension chimney and tuition if required. As always we are happy to consider all steam and vintage vehicles part exchange.

For any further information or to arrange a viewing please do not hesitate to contact us.

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