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6" Burrell GMT Convertible

On behalf of the owners we are pleased to offer for sale this mightily impressive 6” Burrell GMT Convertible steam tractor. Although we have been on a couple of these engines pottering around rally fields the arrival of this interesting example is the first time we have had the opportunity to see what one is like on the road and our opinion…well simply awesome!

In most built to the well-respected Edward George design the builder took his inspiration from Burrell 3850, a 5 Ton Gold Medal Tractor supplied new as a convertible tractor/steamroller and had castings made using the original Burrell drawings as reference for the headstock. Drawings are also included should the new owner wish to build all the parts for the engine to be presented as a steam roller. Burrell 3850 survives and is on display at the Thursford museum in Norfolk.

The boiler is professionally built by Bell boilers and is CE marked. Working pressure is 200 psi and water feed is through a crank driven pump, steam injector and hand pump…all be it not a tremendous amount of use on a boiler this size. The engine steams freely and is very easy get along with a controllable fire due to the well fitted damper and ashpan. The engine is currently tested under the Southern Federation club scheme until September, however, should the new owner so wish we would be happy to have the engine inspected by an independent boiler inspector before completion of sale if the wished for it to be tested under a commercial scheme instead.

Driving the engine is an absolute pleasure, even with 200 psi on the gauge she is still a manageable engine and one you quickly get comfortable with. On the rally field it will potter around effortless all day and on the road is a seriously impressive machine. In 3rd speed the engine covers ground remarkably quickly and with buckets of power in reserve, I would think its one of the only engines that could comfortably keep up with a 6” Foden wagon on the road. We are of course not suggesting it should be driven like a hot rod everywhere but if you enjoy road runs then I cant think of many engines that would do it better.
The builder has made two options for the canopy, the one that is fitted in the pictures makes it comfortable to drive the engine with the cut out and wide canopy supports and at most angles looks the part however should you so wish a truer to original rear section of the canopy is also included without the rear cut out and set of irons as per the original Burrell drawings.

The engine is about 7’6” Long, just under 3’ wide and 5’ high, weight wise we estimate around 900kg when full of coal and water which makes transport relatively easy with either use of a van or large car and trailer.
As with all our ready to rally engines it comes with a full set of firing irons, coal, oil and a days tuition included. Part exchange of all steam and vintage vehicles is considered and finance can also be arranged through our specialist partners; classic and sports finance.

Although completed in 2019 the engine has seen very little use due to covid and has only been to one steam rally, as such there is very little wear on the engine and it has run in nicely.

For further information or to arrange a viewing please do not hesitate to contact us.

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