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4" McLaren Road Loco 10NHP

Regarded by many as the ultimate road engine the 10NHP Mclaren in any scale is an impressive and capable machine. Built by a professional steam engineer this 4” version is no exception.

Compared to the equivalent scale Burrell or Fowler, the extra size and power is noticeable when at the controls and anyone that has driven a “Mac” knows pulling away in top gear always brings a smile to your face. Although a complex build they are a popular engine on the rally field however examples rarely come to the market.

The large boiler capacity makes for an easy and free steaming engine, water supply is through a crankshaft driven pump and reliable steam injector. The steel boiler is reported to have good plate thicknesses throughout and received a new set of boiler tubes in 2021.

I have been particularly impressed how easy this is to drive, although the 200psi working pressure makes for a lively engine it pulls away gently and is very controllable with a touch of the double high button. Around the rally field there is little need for running at full pressure even with a trailer load of passengers it will comfortably trundle around in 2nd gear with little over 100psi on the clock. Making it a great engine for road and rally field use.

For more information or to arrange a viewing please do not hesitate to contact us. As with all our ready to rally engines she comes with a set of firing irons, coal, oil, extension chimney and days tuition as required.

Important Note: We recommend when purchasing any steam vehicle to employ the services of your own boiler inspector for independent advice and not solely rely on previous test reports.

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