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4" Foster Road Loco Project

Although in the relatively early stages of the build most of the expensive parts have been purchased, a full set of castings, set of drawings, a new boiler from John Rex Model Engineers, full set of gearing, rims and spokes for wheels, horn plates and shafts are all included. The boiler stand to aid assembly is also included in the sale.

Work so far has been done to a good standard with the main work completed so far including:
Mounting of the horn plates to the boiler
Machining of drivetrain, shafts, bearings and differential
Assembly of the front wheels
Machined crankshaft
The project is currently with the owners new Manchester however it can be brought to our premises for viewing. Nationwide delivery and export can also be arranged.

Once completed the 4” Foster road loco is a great engine but also much rarer than the equivalent Burrell or Fowler.

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